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Asian Beauties is an Asian personals site that allows you to chat and email Asian ladies online. The site claims to have over 13,000 female members registered with the site.

Like most Asian dating websites, the majority of the ladies on the site are from one of either China, Thailand or the Philippines. There are also a small number of ladies from Indonesia and Vietnam. The site is a cultural melting pot of beautiful Asians.

The ladies on the site are mostly in the 20-40 age range. Quite a large number of the ladies on the site are divorced, and some have children.

Asian Beauties has a basic search facility where you can search on a lady's age and her country. The search results show thumbnail image of each beauty. Click through the thumbnail to see the details of a lady. Details include her height and weight, English language ability and a few details about herself. You can also see what type of man she is looking for.

Asian Beauties is free to sign up to, so you can have a no obligation look at the ladies available on the site. If you want to contact a lady you have to pay. Here's where the site gets a little expensive. Since many of the ladies on the site don't speak or write English, you have to use a translation service in order to communicate with her. This is an expensive way to conduct a relationship.

There are also live chat facilities on this site. These are extremely expensive!

Should you be very interested in a lady, then there is an option to meet her in person. A lady will usually be accompanied by a translator. While this makes it possible to date somebody who doesn't speak English, there are problems. Men who travel to Asian countries frequently encounter dishonest translators. Common issues include a translator and lady working together to scam the man. Stay well away from expensive shops when you are with the lady and translator. Also be aware that some translators sometimes have their own agendas, and they won't always be translating things word for word. Translators have even been known to try and keep the man for themselves. So please be careful if you visit a lady through the Asian Beauties website. When visiting a lady, you are strongly recommended to hire your own translator!

To their credit, Asian Beauties do make it relatively easy to find out how much the site costs without having to register - something other websites don't always do.

So be wary of this site. While the ladies of Asian Beauties are indeed very beautiful, the site is expensive. Alternatives to Asian Beauties are to use a flat rate site such as Filipina Dating or Cherry Blossoms dating. Remember of course that most Filipinas speak English, so if you're looking for a Filipina bride then certainly don't spend money on a translation service or pay per contact dating site.

One alternative method of finding an Asian bride is to use the Asian Beauties Escorted Tours of Asia. These can be a good way to meet Asian ladies. If you prefer to chat up ladies in person, then why not give this kind of trip a go?

Thai Beauties

There are many beautiful Asian ladies on the Asian Beauties website, but it's much cheaper to use other Asian dating sites

There are a large number of Thai ladies on Asian Beauties. Thai ladies don't often speak or write a lot of English. Consequently you normally need to use a translation service in order to correspond with these ladies. Be aware that this is an expensive way of conducting a relationship. Alternatives are to use the services of a Thai based introduction agency. These often charge a fixed rate fee and will introduce you to plenty of ladies for this fee. You're far less likely to get scammed as well, compared to using a dating site.

Chinese Beauties

Asian Beauties is one of the many websites where you can chat and email Chinese ladies. Chinese ladies are often exceptionally beautiful. Maybe they are the most beautiful ladies in all of Asia. Due to the size of the country, Chinese ladies have varying physical appearances, from tall and pale skinned in the North to shorter and darker skinned in the South.

The main issue with finding a Chinese beauty is that not many Chinese women speak or write English. Mandarin Chinese (or one of the other dialects) is a tonal language, and sounds completely unlike Western languages such as English. Don't go to China thinking you'll be able to communicate with a Chinese lady like you can with a European person - you won't.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Filipino Beauties

There are plenty of Filipino beauties available to chat to on Asian Beauties. Remember that most Filipino ladies can speak and write English to a high standard. If you want to find a Filipino wife then don't waste money paying for a translation service. Filipino ladies are numerous on all Asian dating sites such as Cherry Blossoms or the Asian Dating Mall website.

So Asian Beauties has thousands of lovely Asian ladies available on the site. The downside is that this website is extremely expensive. So if you're looking for a beautiful Asian lady, it's best to use a site other than Asian Beauties.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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