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Thanks for dropping by my website!Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. Want to join a dating site? My site, Asian Love Connections offers 100% free Asian online dating!

Asian Beauties is an Asian personals site that allows you to chat and email Asian ladies online. The site claims to have over 13,000 female members registered with the site.

Like most Asian dating websites, the majority of the ladies on the site are from one of either China, Thailand or the Philippines. There are also a small number of ladies from Indonesia and Vietnam. The site is a cultural melting pot of beautiful Asians.

The ladies on the site are mostly in the 20-40 age range. Quite a large number of the ladies on the site are divorced, and some have children.

Asian Beauties has a basic search facility where you can search on a lady's age and her country. The search results show thumbnail image of each beauty. Click through the thumbnail to see the details of a lady. Details include her height and weight, English language ability and a few details about herself. You can also see what type of man she is looking for.

Asian Beauties is free to sign up to, so you can have a no obligation look at the ladies available on the site. If you want to contact a lady you have to pay. Here's where the site gets a little expensive. Since many of the ladies on the site don't speak or write English, you have to use a translation service in order to communicate with her. This is an expensive way to conduct a relationship.

There are also live chat facilities on this site. These are extremely expensive!

Should you be very interested in a lady, then there is an option to meet her in person. A lady will usually be accompanied by a translator. While this makes it possible to date somebody who doesn't speak English, there are problems. Men who travel to Asian countries frequently encounter dishonest translators. Common issues include a translator and lady working together to scam the man. Stay well away from expensive shops when you are with the lady and translator. Also be aware that some translators sometimes have their own agendas, and they won't always be translating things word for word. Translators have even been known to try and keep the man for themselves. So please be careful if you visit a lady through the Asian Beauties website. When visiting a lady, you are strongly recommended to hire your own translator!

To their credit, Asian Beauties do make it relatively easy to find out how much the site costs without having to register - something other websites don't always do.

So be wary of this site. While the ladies of Asian Beauties are indeed very beautiful, the site is expensive. Alternatives to Asian Beauties are to use a flat rate site such as Filipina Dating or Cherry Blossoms dating. Remember of course that most Filipinas speak English, so if you're looking for a Filipina bride then certainly don't spend money on a translation service or pay per contact dating site.

One alternative method of finding an Asian bride is to use the Asian Beauties Escorted Tours of Asia. These can be a good way to meet Asian ladies. If you prefer to chat up ladies in person, then why not give this kind of trip a go?

Thai Beauties

There are many beautiful Asian ladies on the Asian Beauties website, but it's much cheaper to use other Asian dating sites

There are a large number of Thai ladies on Asian Beauties. Thai ladies don't often speak or write a lot of English. Consequently you normally need to use a translation service in order to correspond with these ladies. Be aware that this is an expensive way of conducting a relationship. Alternatives are to use the services of a Thai based introduction agency. These often charge a fixed rate fee and will introduce you to plenty of ladies for this fee. You're far less likely to get scammed as well, compared to using a dating site.

Chinese Beauties

Asian Beauties is one of the many websites where you can chat and email Chinese ladies. Chinese ladies are often exceptionally beautiful. Maybe they are the most beautiful ladies in all of Asia. Due to the size of the country, Chinese ladies have varying physical appearances, from tall and pale skinned in the North to shorter and darker skinned in the South.

The main issue with finding a Chinese beauty is that not many Chinese women speak or write English. Mandarin Chinese (or one of the other dialects) is a tonal language, and sounds completely unlike Western languages such as English. Don't go to China thinking you'll be able to communicate with a Chinese lady like you can with a European person - you won't.

Join the oldest and lowest priced Asian dating site there is!

Filipino Beauties

There are plenty of Filipino beauties available to chat to on Asian Beauties. Remember that most Filipino ladies can speak and write English to a high standard. If you want to find a Filipino wife then don't waste money paying for a translation service. Filipino ladies are numerous on all Asian dating sites such as Cherry Blossoms or the Asian Dating Mall website.

So Asian Beauties has thousands of lovely Asian ladies available on the site. The downside is that this website is extremely expensive. So if you're looking for a beautiful Asian lady, it's best to use a site other than Asian Beauties.


Gary on 19 December 2010
I would like to know if the ladies on the Asian Beauties site real? I have be talking to a very wonderful lady for almost 3 months now. We exchange letters twice a week because it is expensive for the both of us. we are both going through some hard times, and no, she gets very mad when i offer to help.
Site Admin on 20 December 2010
Hi Gary - have you seen your Asian lovely on webcam? If not then don't assume she's real.
A man on 29 April 2011
It is a scam of unbelievable proportions.
I was suspect and then tried asking for email and phone number on live chat.
Then all of a sudden they couldnt speak english
James420 on 15 July 2011
Asianbeauties is a massive scam. Many of the women you find there can also be found on Chnlove. If you don't believe me just spend like 20 minutes looking through the photos of women between the ages of 20 and 25. I guarantee that a majority are from Changsha and many times they use different names. Don't buy credits because you will get ripped off.
AGUY on 25 July 2011
I tried the site after recieving many letters.
I soon learned that when you ask them to lay there cards on the table that they are FAKE.
Anonymous on 03 August 2011
Agree! This site is bullshit, spent nearly $100 just sending and reading messages. Then it turns out you can't send e-mails or telephone numbers, and the website blocks your contact details. I'm in haikou right now and tried to arrange to meet one of the ladies on a certain time and date at a specific location. She replies' oh i've just left for a holiday in Japan but i'll be back in 25 days!' And the way they write messages and their profiles, it's like they are living in a fairy tale where everyone lives happily ever after and It just feels so pretentious and fake and the only reason I got sucked into this site is becasue I'm a sucker for Asian women. So word of advice, stay well away from this place! You will only get used and abused by both the girls and the customer service team!
Vinny on 05 August 2011
I suspected something shady here when I viewed the profiles and that many of the Chinese 20 somethings were looking for men up to 50 and sometimes older. If you try out the flat rate site you will quickly find that the 20 somethings there are NOT looking for guys over 40. I am 48 and the youngest I could attract was 33 and that was difficult even with some art photos of myself and I am considered fairly good looking. The asianbeauties site seems to be a cross between a sex chat site like and an asian dating site like asiafriendfinder.
lee on 01 September 2011
I looked at the site and as a China travel I noticed that the ladies of China were seeking you to 2,3,4,5 am in the morning in Then the 70 date meeting. Two. Then the understand that Chinese women unlike the Filipina age in a man is important.. I looked and looked and finally found this site..Asiabeauties is a SCAM!
JB on 23 September 2011
I tried giving the site the benefit of the doubt, but finally I have come to realize it is a well thought out SCAM.........STAY advice to you is to test any site by offering the "princess" an e ticket that you will buy to visit all of the excuses!!!!!!
Anonymous on 08 January 2012
I haven't been useing the site and there still charging me. I'm going to call the customer service number tomorrow.
Asian Beauties,Amolatina Victim on 14 February 2012
I lost $3500, thinking I would find a wife. The agency must be paying the women to chat and write you love letters. Hundreds of similar love letters were written to me. The translators get a cut, everyone is feeding off of your stupidity. And these women are highly made-up, highly photo-shopped average-looking brown-skinned girls. The shots are over-exposed.

Why does Paypal offer their services to this scam-chat club?
98% do not want to marry you. They are playing you, with the help of clever writers to get your attention, and no way to ever communicate directly to the woman......the translators are in control, they police you, edit anything out they wish.
Ralph on 11 March 2012

I have been played on this site....all kinds of "love letters" from "Linda" age twenty two from Guangzhou.
Finally arranged a phone conversation, with the help of a translator went to fifty five minutes in lenght to get a email address and phone number.
With the excuse that her phone was being repaired and she would not be able to talk on her phone for at least a week.
Sort of amazing since she was chatting away on a phone from her office???
I was thinking "this girl has to be brain dead" but in reality.....I was the one that is brain dead!!!!

Then received a email, that stated that I was not a nice person etc., etc.,
and she decided that I was not the one for me!!!!

In reality, spendt close to a thousand dollars on this be played. Smile!

No fool like an old fool!!!!
Alex on 14 March 2012
That site is SCAM for sure!
RReality on 31 March 2012
Log in to the site's sign up page, scroll to the bottom and look for the link about franchises. This is the dead give-away about the main thrust of the site's operation. It offers franchises and payouts to them based on how many new members are driven to the site per month, how many new leads are provided to the site, and even a percentage of how much each user member spends each month. Franchises get access to "galleries" of photos to use as the main lure. If the site is essentially a multi-level marketing scheme this way can you doubt that many of the women on the site are also profiting from a similar pay out arrangement? The site's roster of women are in part supplied by 'affiliate' agencies. Do you doubt that the affiliate agencies are providing women to the site who are working under a pay out scheme also? In addition to this, you can also look for the link at the bottom of the sign up page that is for interested women. Try navigating to that side of the site and doing a search for your profile as it is presented to the women. I did this. The text accompanying my photograph did not contain anything I had written for the profile I submitted. The text with my photograph was a sales pitch aimed at the women who would be browsing the site to consider joining. It made me sound like I was pitching the site to them. You can also find in that area of the site a few actual video testimonials showing actual 'success' couples being married and brief interviews with them. One would expect the site to have to do this as part of their marketing scheme. Do the women in the success videos resemble the types of women you see in the photos on the site? The answer is, not very much. Why should you get involved with this site when aside from producing a few examples of success, it is engaged in fraudulent representations, undisclosed pay out schemes, and this all pervasive over-all practice of bad faith and unethical exploitation? There are so many other sites offering far more competitive per-cost services and are completely clean from the dirty business practices.
Gavin B. on 29 April 2012
Did a lot of personal research on this site. It is mostly a scam.

1) You are most likely not chatting with the actual woman, but "translators" who get a cut of the chatting fees you are paying.

2) When you try to meet the women you either (a) get some excuse about how she is on a trip and won't be back for 3 weeks; (b) get an appointment to meet with the translator, pay for translation fees, dinner and "shopping" sprees with the woman; (c) in Shenzhen, at your date spot find a woman who is totally different (bait and switch) who is a prostitute and wanting to sleep with you for financial considerations.

3) The "women" will send you largely form letter emails that it costs to read. The actual women, if they exist, have never ever seen your profile, it is just mass mailing.

4) Real women are not up in the middle of the night in China trying to chat with you.

5) All the 20 somethings Chinese ladies are not interested in dating a guy more than 12 years their senior, despite "I am looking for a mature man" lines.

6) Look at the "success stories", or the women that show up at the special meet and greet tours. They are nothing like the attractive profile photos.

In short, their objective is to get you to pay to chat online as long as possible to run up your bill, and to read their emails.

Got to a flat fee site if you are really interested in finding a real woman.
Nicolas on 04 May 2012
Hi guys,

I confirm Asianbeauties is a massive scam. I can’t believe I was so naïve and carried on paying their credits. I joined 6 months ago and spent over 3500 dollars…Yes I know, I’m such a fool. They are taking advantage of honest guys looking for a serious relation with an Asian girl. A few months ago I chatted with a girl who’s profile was very attractive, she was very nice and we had a great contact. I spent a fortune chatting with her until she admitted she could no longer do this to me…She admitted she was not the lady on the pictures but just an interpreter forced by her agency to chat with guys in order to make them spent money. She said she couldn’t do it anymore because I was such a nice guy and she was such ashamed. We managed to exchange email during this last chat (which I can’t explain because there is always someone spying your chat to be sure you don’t exchange personal details) so she sent me a mail with her picture and telling me she was falling for me…This picture was far away from the sexy lady I was chatting with. An ugly middle-aged Chinese woman! I complained to the site, they said they were taking the case seriously and came back to me saying the lady really exist and that I had nothing to complain about. Bunch of crooks! Of course the Lady exists, but she is not the one with whom I was spending hundreds of dollars to chat with! I decided I was just not lucky. So I bought some more credits and guess what, it happened again! Exactly the same thing! “Oh you’r such a nice guy, I have to admit….I’m not the lady but the translator, but I have a profile on the site if you want to check….And yes I checked! Again an older fat ugly Lady! That’s another couple hundred dollars gone!
In the meantime I still had some credits so I carried on chatting with girls and communicating with them by letters, paying 10 credits each time to read and send. It’s about a hundred bucks for 160 credits (To give you an idea I must have received close to eight hundred letters in less than 6 month) I don’t know why it took me so long to realize, but I tell you guys all the profile pictures are fake, studio pictures and totally modified. Absolutely nothing to do with the lady herself. Even the 40 year old ladies look like they are 20! I asked all the ladies I was communicating by letter to send me a natural picture, a picture of them in reality, the way they are. Not a single one looked like the lady on the profile. All ugly, I mean really ugly. There is one of them for who I spent a fortune because again we had a great contact. She sent me an “ok”picture of her but not really clear. She said it’s all she had. So I decided to order a call (100 credits plus 10 credits/minute!) I spent around 40 minutes on the phone with an interpreter who’s English was less than my Chinese! In that time she has not even been able to translate my phone number or communicate my email to the lady! I asked her contact details, again all I can hear from far away is 2 ladies speaking Chinese! And the line was so bad with echoes and cuts between sentences, a real headache! At the end nothing! A real waste of time and money. I complained again and the customer service lady said she was going to find out what happened and ask the lady’s agency for her phone number. They came back with a fake number in China. As I still had a few credits left , right after this complete farce I chatted with her to ask what had happened. There she had connected her cam so I paid the 2 credits per minute to see, and guess what again, she was not even close to the picture she sent me with her letter. Again an horrible overweight little piggy full of pimples with an ugly fat nose and greasy hair. I ask her what she had in mind and told her what I thought about her. She told me that it was a picture from when she was in high school and asked me if I still liked her!! Last but not least, (you must really think I’m creasy) I had been chatting for a few weeks with a lady who I though was going to be my last try on the site. We had a real good time chatting for hours again, even a bit naughty sometimes (but clean and sweet) she sent me some pictures which I thought were quite cute, so I decided to order a call. Guess what….Same bullshit. Unable to exchange our details. Background noise, cuts in sentences, useless mandatory translator although not needed as I could hear that the lady could speak good English. 40 minutes of “what? Say again? Confirm your nu…pssss..ber is trhreee..fou…even..ive..psss…what what? Yes ? no?? then the translator says something in Chinese with her…blank..psssss again..etc..for almost 40 minutes. What a scam!!!!! I complained again and the customer service told me it was my fault because I didn’t want to listen to the translator! They even asked me if I had any suggestion to improve their site!!!! They bullshit me again saying that they were working with the lady’s agency to give me her details. They came up with a phone number which was the same number I had manage to get out of the phone conversation with the lady: a fake number again. Today I tried to log on the site to write to them again but was unable to log on. They took my money and now as I was becoming annoying they cancelled my account. Guys, please spread this on every forum you can, we can’t let these crooks act like this. This is a big big scam. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SUBSCRIBING TO ASIAN BEAUTIES, IT’S A MASSIVE HUGE CLEVER AND WELL ORGANISED SCAM!!
Admin on 05 May 2012
Hi Nicolas - thanks for the useful information! Just to let you know that I've started my own Asian dating website - check it out! The site is 100% free. Membership is still growing but there are some very attractive Thai and Filipina ladies on there. I'll get some Chinese ladies on there too! At least you know I won't charge you $$$$ to send each lady a letter. Plus you can see where people login from, so you can help spot the most obvious of scammers.
Nicolas on 13 May 2012
Hi, thanks for that, I'll have a look at your site but honestly I lost trust on any sort of internet dating option. Cheers
Warning: Fake Asian Image on 19 May 2012
Those dating sites heavily airbrush the images, to make the East Asian ladies look as much like White women as possible.

The guys getting scammed, are most likely vulnerable and lonely White men.

People are usually more attracted to those who look like they are from the same race.

They want to target White men with money. In Asia, they connect Whiteness with wealth. Although we know the truth, that wealth depends on the individual, not race.

So it makes sense that the images of East Asian ladies are made to look like young and flawless White women, making childlike poses.

East Asians do not naturally have white skin, big eyes, curvaceous figures, etc., like White women do. Those are three big warning signals to watch out for. If you see those kinds of images, it's F-R-A-U-D.

I hope this helps. We need to spread the word to our loved ones.
Glen on 03 June 2012
Thanks for all the information. What all these gentlemen have said. I believe to be true and correct. I have been on the site perhaps 6 wks. So I am fortunate that I shall cutting my losses at $500 dollars. The number of emails the ladies send you is incredible. One lady has sent me 17 letters. Which I have never opened. Yes i think i nearly have 500 such letters there in my mail box now. Haha. Other ladies that I write and talk to on live chat. Well I am on the site quite a bit. And have noticed I even get letters from the ladies when their little green light is off? So it makes you wonder who is really writing the letters. You will also notice that some of these ladies profiles talk about how rich they are. Their family own lots real estate, business's all over the place. Haha. And that this shall all be yours one day. That is of course when you write them a letter. well why would a rich and young pretty girl want to waste it all, on a man 20-40 yrs older then her. Frankly speaking she could have any young man that she liked in China. Some things I am not too sure about. Are the ladies paying for the live chat? Or is just you? I mean all those love hearts and smiley pics they send. Cost money. Who is paying for that. You or them? And yes it is extremely frustrating to get a e-mail address through. Be it by letter or live chat. Seems Big brother is watching out for your e-mail address everywhere. Chop chop. I think another thing that is very unfair to honest ladies on this site. And that is how you are dive bombed constantly by a hundred pretty ladies flashing their smiles there across the screen as you soldier on in trying to write your letter. I greatly appreciate what the people have said here. They have saved me a lot of money. am wondering also. How do you take your profile off the site. Have searched everywhere. By the if you must use these sites. Make sure that you intend to travel soon. At least you shall find out whether you have been had. Or have found the lady of your dreams. And being there. Well that gives choice and options that you don't have thousands of miles away. Thanks for reading. Best regards Glen
Jon on 25 September 2012
ASIANBEAUTIES.COM is not just a little scam but huge. I would venture to estimate that most of the gorgeous women work for the website, and that most of the gorgeous photos of women are not real. I wrote management about my suspicion and bluntly asked which girls worked for the website. They assured me that they were legitimate and that ALL of the women were verified.
After a few weeks, I returned to print my letter to them and their response but both communications were gone. However, they had not deleted my emails about a woman who had gorgeous photos on the website but when she sent 2 personal ones, they did not look at all like the person on the website. I complained. That happened a few time.
The quencher that AB was a major scam was when member Xiaohua(Emily) 27 years young, 5'5" from Guangzhou (ID: 1197939), supposedly an attorney, and I began to get "involved". Her numerous "sincere and intelligent" emails telling me I was everything she wanted in a man and we were fated to be together, she would live wherever I wanted, etc. etc. which I paid about $20 each to read, and $20 each to send, plus numerous online chats at $2 per minute. She told me she loved me in every communication. I thought, I wish that I could feel so much love as when I did when I was her age. I never said the love word and she didn't mind.
After several weeks and about $400 spent on her, I wanted out of the AB charges and asked for a phone call in which the agency said we could exchange contact information. The first call did not happen, AB management claimed malfunction. I called AB and the automated service answered. I waited 1.5 hours on two different calls for management to answer. It never did. However, Emily was fortunate to always reach them. How was she able?
We made another phone date and as Nicholas stated above it was a lot of Chinese jibberish that took 10 minutes to give a simple email address to Emily. Ten minutes at $120! I had timed the call for exactly ten minutes and cut the call. Both the agency and Emily admonished me for cutting the call. I stated that I had told both parties that the call would be only 10 minutes, each additional minute was going to be about $20 each minute.
Finally, I thought, Emily had successfully received my email address. It was a day later before she emailed me at my address. She continued to write mail to me at AB and wanted to chat on AB. Money, money, money for AB.
She sent two 2-sentences emails to my email address mainly in Chinese and said that her English was very bad and that we should chat on AB with a translator. I explained that it was too expensive and we would find a way to communicate.
I told her since she and I decided to be mates for the rest of our lives, I deleted over 400 emails from other woman (I had deleted over 1000 before that). She withdrew and was very hesitant. What?! Shouldn't she be elated that I was quitting the site for her only?
I found several websites that translate for free. I was able to enter her Chinese characters and get very accurate translations. I wrote several emails to her in Chinese. She never answer one. Several days passed and she never contacted me again. What had changed, I left AB and was not going to spend anymore money there...
I went online at AB at many times of the day and found her online for hours, almost the whole day. This older man who's pretty good on the eyes had been scammed by an AB agent who never asked for anything but love and got me to spend about $500 on communicating with her - a fiction, a fraud. Her mail stopped but she continues to be online much of the day, which I had never notice before or thought to question. I am such a dope.
If you decide to use, know that your hard-earned money is spent strictly for fantasy. Your chances of getting one of those gorgeous Chinese woman is slim to none at AB.
Candice on 06 January 2013
PLease help me. Whoever can you please send me emails to be able to tell my brother this is fraud??
I do need help.
Anonymous on 19 April 2013
I had communication with multiple women on Asian Beauties. I encouraged them to communicate directly with me. My name is not Jones. My name is unique in the area.
One woman told me she didn't know what a phone book was. This is possible because the State services don't supply phone books. I was unable to continue to make payments of that level. But all my friends never made any effort to contact me, though several did contact me at the holidays on AB. One woman from Harbin was unusual. I would exchange some emails but she was sending me six or eight emails a month. I wonder if the women's emails are actually free. I ask customer service whether the cost to the women was different in other countries because the economy was different. The answer was no. I really want an answer to my questions. What I believe is there is a fraudulent core to the website and a group of women who are earnest about meeting a husband who cooperate due to some subtle coercion. The cs representative in Moscow also told me that personnel from the website visited the women somewhat regularly to insure that they were writing their own emails!
I question how American this site is. The headquarters appears to be Moscow and it is registered in Maine. Cyprus is frequently a location for billing.
Red Faced on 11 December 2013
I spent thousands on Asian Beauties for many reasons. I was looking for someone in a smaller Chinese city that my son teaches English in. Asian Beauties (AB) had the best and most choices in areas like this. To keep this short I think there is a mix of real and mostly fake women. Everything in AB costs more money. I spent $500 on a phone call that the woman was trying to drag out forever but I did not want to be rude and cut it off. If you really want to meet or see her in person there is some excuse you cannot. You get zillions of form letters from women. Some are real most are fake from what I can tell. I did find one woman to be real and most the rest were suspect. I talked with many at great expense.

Personally, if I had the time and resources I would investigate this agency for fraud to get even. I think there is some reality and mostly fraud making it a pseudo scam. They get you hooked on the conversations and actually the fantasy that the woman or women will spin. Once you are in it is hard to quit and hard to believe that so many would lie to you for so long. They suck you in with your own dreams.

Stay away, go to different sites where your expenditures are low and contact is quick and easy. I would avoid all their sites as they have them for Russians, Latinas and Asians under many different names. Good luck to my fellow bachelors and I empathize with the scammed like me.
pantherman on 22 December 2013
How does our government allow these scammers to operate their business here in the US. Since they guarantee that these are the girls you are talking to, that is outright fraud. I am going to file a complaint with the FTC and also with the FBI. Anyone want to join me so we can close this website for good. Pretty lousy that they can outright cheat people. I am going to file a lawsuit as well since they are a US company. Anyone want to try and make it a class actin lawsuit?
john on 08 January 2014
hi all I just want to shear my story here. i joined Asian beauties in September 2013 im 20 and I cant lie I love Asian women so I went looking for a Asian dating site Asian Beauties stood out from the rest. the moment I had finished my profile I was engaged in a chat with a nice looking school teacher we talked about what we was looking for and all that sort of stuff then my 3 free minutes expired and at the time I had no money so I left it until I had some cash but in the mean time I kept on checking on the site and my profile and if she was on I would get the odd chat message from her like hello john I miss you your so strong be my master all that flattering sort of message then she stopped coming on I started to think she had given up on me because she was thinking I was ignoring her. from that point a lot more women started chatting to me and in about late October I started to get cruises because around 7:30am I quickly checked on my profile in the mornings these same women all would pop up at the same time some said the same things like what are you looking for in a woman and others said different things but keep in mined theses where all the same women chatting to me at the same time popping up over and over. I ignored them and kept on searching then out of the blue one girl said to me im I taken yet? that small little line got my full attention this is where I started buying credits I watched her video to get to know and understand her more she was stunning and it turns out she's a nurse I started chatting to her a lot she was the one I was looking for sexy good a cooking and would do anything for me she then said she cloudlet wait to meet me she wanted to come to the UK I told her maybe next summer (this year now) she was all up and hyped and so was I.i stopped spending money on the site because I was moving house and starting a new job I oddly check on my profile and not one personnel message has come from her I have loads from other women but not the one I said I wanted so I got a bit cruises for the 3rd or 4th time so I started to wait until she came on to chat because if I really wanted some one and they did not contact me in a while I would PM them like crazy any way she came on live chat and she said are you taken yet.thats when I sat back and said to my self this is a computer reading a script all these profiles are been ran by someone/something reading a script and I started to keep track on a tally chart of these profiles how many times a week the would pop up and what they said in the chat and 100% of these profiles would say the something word after word at the same time. and then it came to me after a chat with the work mate's most men want a model nurse or a sectary as a girlfriend and what would you know over 95% of the women on Asian beauties claim to be of the sorts this leads me to here where I started investigating if it was a fake/scam and now i believe it is. if any one knows of a REAL site where I can meet Asian women 20/21 years old please let me know.thanks in advance
dennis on 03 February 2014
pantherman sign me up you are absolutely right this should be against the law they are making money on sincere men looking for love and a wife and there playing with our hearts and emotions and i say this from experience i was scammed as well we need to file a class action lawsuit with some agency that can shut them down i understand their getting away with this scam because there operating from china and there out of our jurisdiction how can all of us get together to achieve this before more men pay alot of money to be scammed and have their hearts broken and left feeling like a fool and there bank accounts drained will be checking this site here for your reply lets get this site shut down forever
Jim on 21 March 2014
Yes I to was a fool for asianbeauties/chnlove I found QQ intenational to be more useful I reported both sites to i suggest more do this ..

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