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Cebunas ( is an Asian personals website where you can meet Asians online. The site is primarily designed as a personals contact site where Western men can meet Asian women looking for husbands.

The ladies on are primarily from the Philippines, and in particular the Cebu region of that country. The Filipinas are in a wide age range, but the majority of the members are aged between 20 and 45 years of age.

The Cebunas site is available in a range of languages including English, French, Norwegian, German and Korean.

To find your ideal Filipina bride on the website there is basic search facility where you can search on age and which country the woman is from. Search results show a photo of the lady plus a few details like their age and when they last logged into the site. Some of the ladies have put a bit of text in to show what they're looking for in a man. Usually they're after someone honest and reliable and preferably someone with a lot of money!

Click on a lady in the search results and you'll see a few more details about her like height and weight, her occupation and whether she smokes or drinks. Many of the members have posted several photos of themselves which is useful. In general the more details someone posts on a dating site the more serious they are about finding a partner.

To get the most out of the dating site it's best to sign up for a paid membership. Members who have paid a dating site membership fee are listed first in search results. You're also less likely to be a timewaster or a scammer so you usually get more interest shown in your profile. The membership fee is fairly expensive compared to other sites such as Filipina Heart. However, does have a free membership option so it's best to try the site's features before you spend your hard earned cash. Sometimes there are special membership offers available, so check the website for details.

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Other features of include a few basic pages of information about the Philippines. There is also a brief FAQ and an email contact form.

Cebunas Alternatives

So is a good dating site? It's probably advisable to be wary of this site as there aren't any company ownership details, neither is there a postal address for the operating company. Be very careful with posting your personal details to this site.

Approximately 10% of Filipinos live and work overseas. If you're looking for a Filipina wife, you might therefore be able to find her in your own country. A site such as Filipino Cupid has a wide range of women registered from many different countries.

Sadly the number of Filipino dating scammers is on the increase, and dating sites are risky places for men to use. A safer alternative is to choose a reputable dating agency, preferably one with offices in a Western country. Take a look at Philippine Introductions as one of the introduction agencies that specialise in finding Filipina wives for Western (particularly American) men.

Filipinas are so numerous on dating sites so why use a pay site? My own dating site, Asian Love Connections offers 100% free Filipina dating!

So to summarise, is an OK Filipina dating site, but it's quite expensive for what it is. There are cheaper and safer alternatives out there. Safe dating!


beckyz-09 on 16 July 2011
cebuanas is good for me

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