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If you're looking around for a Chinese wife or companion then there are plenty of Asian dating sites where you can chat and email single Chinese girls. Here's all you need to know about finding a Chinese lady online.

First of all there is no shortage of single ladies from China, and if you sign up to any online Asian dating web site you'll meet thousands of Chinese girls. What's more is that the Chinese ladies tend to be exceptionally attractive, so you'll have a hard task trying to decide which ones to get in touch with.

On the downside there is a big gender imbalance in China, with many more husbands than girls. You have to speculate why there are so many Chinese ladies on singles dating sites when there are millions of husbands in their own nation. Either these Chinese ladies are being too choosy when it comes to scouting around for a companion, or they're marrying for monetary reasons rather than love. It must nevertheless also be pointed out that some single Chinese ladies find it difficult to find Chinese men. Those who are separated, or old (or both) find it particularly difficult to find new husbands.

If you want to marry for love then take great care when choosing a particular Chinese lady to date. In particular, it's often a good idea to look for a Chinese woman similar to your own age, and ideally no more than 8-10 years youthful than you are. Check out the age difference suitability calculator if you have any doubts.

The younger single Chinese ladies are tremendously gorgeous, but they can be hard going. Chinese ladies from the mainland can be naive at times, particularly those from the inside of the country who haven't spent much time in the booming coastal metropolises such as Guangzhou or Shanghai. The single child policy which applies to most city dwellers has lead to a whole generation of spoilt children, so the younger women can act like princesses at times. Finally if you want to marry a younger lady who hasn't been formerly hitched then you're really going to have to wow her folks and show them that you are the ideal husband for their precious daughter.

There are a broad range of Chinese dating sites including Chinese Love Match and ChnLove Asia. Many are set up specifically so that Western husbands can come across Chinese wives - a sort of mail order bride type of arrangement. Others allow a much wider assortment of people to register, and could also possibly be used by a Western female to find a Chinese husband.

Chinese Cupid is about the best of the Chinese dating sites. The site is well managed and they do their best to remove scammers' profiles from the web site. Another good thing is that the site has a flat rate membership fee, and if you want to talk to a few women it works out much cheaper than using a pay per get in touch with website like ChineseWomenDate.

By the way, many of the Chinese women are represented by marriage agencies, so be wary if a lady asks if you can talk to her on a different site. This may be the agency luring you onto a site where they make more money. Don't fall for this scam because you can easily chatting for free with Chinese ladies using chatting software called QQ. It's ubiquitous throughout China, and most mobile phones support it. You can get an English version for PCs - it's a free download. Don't worry - you can text or chat on QQ in both English and Chinese. It also supports webcam based chat, and it looks and works in much the same way as MSN Messenger.

There are loads of other web sites where you can find single Chinese ladies. The free Asian dating sites are very risky to use due to scammers. Even the largest free online dating websites like DateInAsia have a problem with trick profiles, so the smaller dating sites will be just as risky. Chinese ladies are less likely to be involved with dating frauds compared to Filipina women, but there's still a big risk.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

Taiwan and Hong Kong Chinese women

Chinese girls are found all over Asian countries, so asides from the People's Republic then don't overlook Taiwan and Hong Kong. Chinese women from Hong Kong and Taiwan tend to have the same customs and traditions as ladies from the mainland. Nevertheless some thing are different, such as the mainlanders being a little less superstitious.

Hong Kong is full of professional single Chinese ladies, so it can be a good place to look for a wife. While websites such as HongKongCupid allow you to look for single girls online, it's much less difficult to date a Hong Kong lady if you're also living in Hong Kong. Things to remember about Hong Kong dating are that Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest places on the planet. While Hong Kong salaries for average work opportunities might not match those in Western countries, they are still hugely higher than the usual salary on offer in mainland China or Thailand.

Hong Kong women are fairly Westernised. For this reason an escalating number of Hong Kong husbands have a preference to get Chinese wives from over the border in mainland China. Another alternative is Taiwan.

There are advantages in dating Chinese women from Hong Kong or Taiwan. Both places are a lot easier to travel to with much less stringent visa requirements. Women from these countries will also find it much easier to get a visa to visit Western countries.

So if you want to date a particular Chinese lady, have a look at one of the many dating sites where you can message and chatting to Chinese singles. Finding a Chinese girlfriend is more time consuming, pricey and stressful than you ever thought probable, but many Western husbands have successfully found their dream Chinese woman online.

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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