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Chnlove Asia is a Chinese dating site. The site is primarily aimed at Western men seeking a Chinese mail order bride. The site has over 10,000 profiles of Chinese ladies on the site. In 2009 the figure was around 8,000, so the site is growing rapidly.

Good Points About Chnlove Asia

Chinese languages and culture are totally unlike those found in the West. So it's no surprise that men seeking Chinese wives have to rely on the services of a translator site like Chnlove Asia

So let's kick off this review of Chnlove Asia by stating the good points. Chnlove Asia has tens of thousands of beautiful Chinese women on the site. The ladies are in a wide range of ages, and they live in many different parts of China. So whatever your taste in women, you'll have no shortage of ladies to add to your favorites.

There aren't many Chinese ladies who can speak or read a good standard of English. Look on Chinese Cupid and you'll see that most of the ladies put "some" as their English language level. Actually, "some" usually means practically none. While the Google Translator can turn English into Traditional or Simplified Chinese, normally it turns English into complete rubbish. It's unrealistic to use this to chat to ladies about important matters.

Chnlove Asia solves the language barrier by having human translators translate your emails to their Chinese ladies into Chinese, and the lady's response back into English. Having used the system, I have to say that it works really well. Thanks to the time difference between China and Western countries you can normally get a reply from a lady within a day (though it does depend on the lady's work commitments).

Because correspondence is handled through translators, this should mean it's less likely to meet an out and out dating site scammer on Chnlove Asia. In fact reports of men meeting money scammers on the site are quite rare compared to problems with sites like DateInAsia.

Bad Points About Chnlove Asia

Chnlove Asia is a letter writing site. These sites generally have a poor reputation in the Asian dating sector. Actually, they're also common in the Russian mail order brides sector, and these sites also have a generally poor reputation.

Before you use Chnlove Asia you have to understand how it works. None of the ladies on the site add their own profiles to the site. This is different to sites like Cherry Blossoms or Chinese Cupid, where ladies with computers at home or at work can simply register themselves and upload their own photos. Instead on Chnlove the ladies are added to the site by Chinese marriage agencies. There are a lot of different marriage agencies in China. In general there are usually 2-3 agencies in every Chinese city that supply lady profiles to Chnlove Asia.

Marriage agencies have something of a bad reputation in China. Many of them have high fees. In fact, I have reason to suspect their fees are much higher than introduction agencies charge in Western countries. Also many Chinese ladies would not dream of using such an agency to help them find a husband. They would much prefer to use family contacts, or (increasingly) to sign themselves up to a site like Chinese Cupid or DateInAsia.

The problem with Chnlove Asia and sites like it is that the system is just wide open to abuse. I'm not suggesting they do this, but if Chnlove Asia were to add thousands of fake profiles to the site, how would you know? There's no easy way to tell. The problem is that because Chnlove relies on so many different Chinese agencies, it's difficult to police.

If you read some Asian marriage forums then you'll see all kinds of problems about Chnlove Asia. As to my own experiences, I did meet a great girl through the site. Yes, she was real and I had a fabulous time visiting her in China. But I also talked to some ladies I was suspicious of. Again, proving anything is very difficult.

My problems with Chnlove Asia stem from the fact that the site is prohibitively expensive. You might get lucky and find a great lady on there. But now I've signed up to the flat rate fee Chinese Cupid dating site I appreciate how impossible the task of finding my ideal Chinese girl was on Chnlove. I've been a member of Chinese Cupid for 3 months now. I've chatted to at least 20 women, and I've exchanged more than 5 letters with over a dozen. On top of that I am now an expert at Chinese dating. I can spot the scammers and unsuitable ladies much more easily now, so I don't have to waste time chatting to them. The upshot of all this is that to talk to so many ladies on Chnlove would have cost me a huge amount of money. By comparison, I spent around $165 on a year's subscription to Chinese Cupid.

Aside from the expense, and the can of worms that are letter writing sites, another issue with Chnlove Asia is that many of the ladies have professional photos of themselves posted on the site. There's nothing wrong with this, everyone on a dating site wants to look their best. But it's overdone in some cases - there are 55 year old women who look 25. So before you fall in love with a woman on the site, insist on seeing some natural photos of her. Or failing that get the webcam out and arrange a Skype session. Bear in mind that even "natural" photos will often have been airbrushed as well, it's very much a Chinese thing and you don't see it so much in other Asian cultures.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

So if you want a Chinese wife and are worried about the language barrier, then Chnlove Asia is worth a look. However, you'll find that the costs associated with talking to ladies on this site can be massive compared to flat rate sites like Chinese Cupid, or the 100% free Asian dating sites like DateInAsia.

Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!

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Chat to 1000's of Hot Chinese Women Tonight!