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DateInAsia is a free online dating site where you can browse personal ads for free. The site is completely free to sign up to and use. There are members from a wide range of countries. The women on the site tend to be from China, Thailand and the Philippines. Generally speaking the men on the site are looking for Asian wives.

Although a free dating site may seem like a good idea, remember that free dating sites are a haven for scammers and dishonest people. There are also plenty of timewasters and people who are already married.

If you think a free dating site is a false economy then it may be better using a paid for dating site. Pay for dating sites can afford the sophisticated IT systems that are needed to stop the more sophisticated dating scammers from operating on the site. Pay for dating sites can also offer much better search facilities. Sites like DateInAsia have over one million members registered with them. While many of these might be inactive profiles, there’s still a vast number of profiles to search through.

Other sites that are good for finding mail order brides include AsianEuro and Thai Cupid.

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DateInAsia - Who To Date, and Who To Avoid

Here's a more in depth article about the different types of DateInAsia scammers you might come across on this popular Asian dating site.

The biggest problem with DateInAsia is with Filipinas. DateInAsia is a haven for Filipina scammers, and the site is reported to be slow to remove the bad ladies from their site. There are the basic scammers who just want you to send them money. Many of these girls treat scamming as a full time job in itself. So avoid talking to these girls if you're marriage minded. There are also plenty of webcam girls who will offer a sexy show in return for money. They tend to like finding customers via DateInAsia because they can cut out the middle man who takes a cut of their income if they sign up to one of the many adult webcam sites. Again these would never really make good wives.

Thai ladies on DateInAsia can sometimes be scammers, although because far fewer Thai girls can write English as well as the Filipinas on the site then it's less likely that they'd be able to pull off a scam. But bear in mind that many Thai girls work in Bangkok and Thailand's huge entertainment industry, which makes them extremely good at parting men from their cash. Many Thai bar girls will have an internet boyfriend or three on the side for valuable extra income. Obviously men with part time Thai girlfriends usually know the score, but if you want a marriage minded Thai girl then be careful on DateInAsia.

Chinese ladies on DateInAsia tend to be a fairly honest bunch compared to Thais and Filipinas. But be particularly wary of women from Nanning. For some reason Nanning seems to be a hotbed of Chinese dating site scammers. A great way of checking to see if a younger Chinese girl you've met on DateInAsia is honest is to ask for her QQ number. Then open QQ and visit her Qzone pages. If she has lots of Western male friends, she's probably best avoided. If she doesn't have a QQ account then be very suspicious!

Other ways of weeding out Chinese scammers include getting to know her family. A scammer will rarely want to involve her family in a scam.

One type of Chinese lady to be very wary of on DateInAsia is the lady whose profile has been posted by a Chinese marriage agency. These are quite easy to spot - the photos will usually only be studio shots, and her profile may be a rubbish poem or fluff instead of a few words about her and what she's looking for in a man. These agencies don't make any money from profiles posted on DateInAsia, so they may try to get you to sign up to another dating site (like Chnlove or Foreign Ladies) in order to chat to her. On these sites you may have to pay upwards of $5 each time you send or receive a letter from the lady, so avoid them at all costs. Intelligent Chinese ladies can normally work out how to translate Chinese into basic English, and besides, there are plenty of English speaking girls on DateInAsia and other sites like Chinese Cupid. If you need to talk about important things with your lady you've met through DateInAsia, consider hiring your own translator that you can trust.


flirtttt on 03 August 2011
I dont like this page... You know why? They discrminated the thai anf filipinas... Yeah I am filipina and I have thai friends but we are not not kind of people that asking money... We are here to date people... Why did they make their site sa Date in Asia if they just discriminate some asian country(philippines,thailand)...they should make it in their westerndate huh...
Roger on 04 August 2011
Thank you thank you thank you for very value information and resources.
eliza on 06 December 2011
i agree to that coz many asian filipnas r being dscriminate by other specially filipinas... we want u to know guys that not all filipinas r same attitude. I want to respect asians most filipinas coz we deserve to be respect and most dont judge asians..... merry xmas to u guys.
Anonymous on 06 April 2012
ohhh how sad to see what was written in this page..... Not ALL Filipinas are like that and others do that for reason which we cannot blame them... and NOT JUST FILIPINA doin bad things here.... so PLEASE STOP DISCRIMATING FILIPINAS....
Actually, Iam happy with the dateinasia (DIA) becoz in this site I meet my husband..Iam also Filipina and now married to foreigner. were happily married for two years. His been good to me and never experienced discrimating people.
Zarox on 30 April 2012
I think the whole scamming thing is a bit exaggerrated. Most girls (Filipinas) on dateinasia I've met are real/honest girls looking for a partner. Of course there's a scammer here and there but if you use a little common sense it's not difficult to tell who is and who's not. Most of the time you can tell by just looking at their profile.
Anonymous on 13 November 2012
Are you nuts? Only Filipinas? Maybe there are some but not all! Hello wake up, You we're not born yesterday. Filipina are just wise i think they did that because they really need the money for their family or they have no choice not for them to live extravagant life or something. I know other races they do that as a job, i repeat as a "job". Good only for those greedy men and women who are addicted to sex and money. They will never find love, because Caucasian particular in men only loves short time. Other men get married after 2 years want divorced 'coz they want other meat again. How many meat or per kilo of lust you want in your whole life??
Smithe764 on 19 April 2014
I got what you mean, regards for putting up.Woh I am delighted to find this website through google. You must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences.
anonymous on 25 April 2014
not all filipina women are just seeking money from the foreign people...some of them wanted to have a beautiful siblings...
Mohammad Amin Chatha (MAC) on 13 July 2014
DIA is the best site so far.
I have been most luckiest being a member from July 2011, but UNFORTUNATELY my account / profile was closed on April 18, 2014.
I feel so much depressed and frustrated now.
The bottom line is that there is NO SUBSTITUTE of this DIA site. Undoubtedly this is a UNIQUE and most potential site to find a companion of your choice, taste and likes.
Mohammad Amin Chatha (MAC) on 13 July 2014
I would like to emphasize that Filipinos are really so much perfect, decently behaved, respectful, honorable and dignified.
They take care and look after properly.
This depends upon our attitude to recognize their honest, sincere concerns.
The bottom line is that people from Philippines are the best in respect of friendship, relationship so far!

Mohammad Amin Chatha
Arild on 10 October 2014
pilippinske damer er de mest utspekulerte svin i verden- falske politi falske agenter falske navn +++ på 10 år så har jeg blitt rundlurt for over kr 150.000
Roy T on 23 August 2016
hmmmm? scammers? Filipina? oh no! say it isn't so!
Roy T on 23 August 2016
Allow me to comment on DIA and bypass diatribe on Filipina. This is a good site. I have chatted, for free, with many ladies from different countries. It is up to her and me to decide if we are compatible.
I met a very special lady from Vietnam who I am very very interested in and we have been maintaining dialog continuously this past month and I have planned a visit to her city this Winter. I do not worry that we will not be able to communicate because we already do. We have shared photographs and stories and family information.

Could this still turn out to be a wasted trip? No. I will enjoy my visit to Saigon either way. Thanks to DIA I have money left in my bank account to visit.

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