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With the plethora of internet sites dedicated to love, dating and friendship, it is no surprise that many have started to crop up designed to serve the specific needs of different locations and cultures. Men looking for Indian girls for friendship have no shortage of websites to turn to, but this can be a curse as much as it is a blessing. With so many choices, knowing where to put your trust, and sometimes your money, can be a daunting task and with many men hoping that friendship may one day lead to dating, love, or even marriage, there is a lot more riding on the decision than a click of the mouse or a credit card number.

Connect with Indian communities the world over with Indian friendship personals sites is one example of a site that has the option of having either a free or a paid account. This type of model is becoming increasingly common for websites, as they lure customers in with the free account in the hopes that once they are comfortable with their services they will be willing to pay for premium access to additional features. IndianCupid offers three tiers of possible membership. A standard membership is free and is the option chosen by many men looking for Indian girls for friendship. Users with a standard membership can create a profile, add up to five pictures and send or receive messages from paid members on the site. Free members cannot contact other free members, greatly limiting the number of people it is possible to meet, since the majority of members choose to have a free membership. Members willing to pay for a Gold membership have the ability to contact both free and paid members, have more options for extending their profile and adding more personalized information. They also have added instant messaging capabilities and their profiles are ranked higher in the list than those with free memberships. The Platinum membership package is the most extensive, but it also costs the most. It adds video profile and messaging capability, translation services for multilingual relationships and has the highest-ranking profiles. While the Platinum features may not be excessive for many people, Gold membership is probably the most effective on, due to the severe contacting limitations put on Standard members. Technically, however, this website does offer an option for those wanting to find Indian girls for friendship at no cost.

Those looking for a completely free way to meet Indian girls for friendship may have more luck with India Flirt offers free service to singles from around the world and offers their site in a choice of six different languages. This is great for those who speak multiple languages, but can be problematic for those who do not, since the site does not offer the same options for translation provided by IndianCupid. One feature they do offer, however, is the ability for non-members to browse profiles. While only members have the ability to contact other members, this gives a good overview of the people who use the site, and is an easy tool to help you decide if this is the website where you will find free Indian girls for friendship.

One trend that has been popping up in the online friendship and dating world is the singles blog. While these blogs do not offer the personalization or provide the same level of filtering of a traditional dating website, they offer a free, direct way to meet Indian girls for friendship. provides one example of a singles blog. Those who want their profile listed simply email it, along with their contact information, to the blog staff, who publishes it on the blog. Blogs like Desi Friendship do come with some risk, however, as all information, including contact information, is published on the internet for anyone to see. While many people post their everyday email address or their phone number, it is advisable to create a separate email account specifically for blog membership and only give out your phone number to people who have earned your trust, if you choose to use a blog to search for Indian girls for friendship.

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Whether you are looking for a long distance pen pal, a new friend to hang out with, or someone who may turn out to be a lifelong partner, the internet offers many options for finding Indian girls for friendship. One general rule when dealing with any online singles site is that you get what you pay for. For most people, a free membership is enough to start meeting people, but if you want a full range of options and features, you may have to be willing to pay a little for it.

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