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Here are some resources if you're looking for an Japanese chat room. There are loads of Asian chat rooms available where you can chat to Japanese people online. As you might expect a popular use of these chat rooms is for Western guys to find Asian wives and girlfriends. Japanese chat rooms are also useful if you want to find an Japanese language study partner, want to meet local people when you travel to Japan, or just want to find more about Asian and Japanese culture in general.

Japanese Chat Rooms on Dating Sites

Japan is a wealthy country, and the ladies are stylish and sophisticated

If you're looking for a Japanese wife or girlfriend then a chat room is often a good place to find her!

Some dating sites are focussed on finding marriage partners for their members, while other sites cater for the market that is looking for fun and flirty chat. Some of the sites are also useful if you don't want a relationship but just want to look for a penpal, foreign language study partner or just find like minded individuals who love Japanese culture as much as you do.

The Cupid Media sites are perhaps the broadest based Asian dating sites if you want to chat to Asian people. They have a number of sites including Japan Cupid and Korean Cupid. The majority of users are Western men looking for Asian women, but they're good sites to go for if you want to find a language study partner or a Japanese penpal.

Other websites with chat facilities include Asian Kisses and Cherry Blossoms, but Japanese women are pretty rare on these sites. You'll find plenty of Filipinas masquerading as Japanese women though!

The good thing about talking to people via chatrooms is that you can find out quite quickly if you're interested in that person. Many chat rooms have webcam facilities. This can be a great way to determine if the person is a good match for you. With a webcam you can assess the person's looks, posture and get clues from their body language. Many women (and maybe men as well!) on dating sites tend to post extremely flattering photos on their profiles. Thanks to a webcam you can get to see the real person before making an expensive trip to Japan to meet them in person.

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Japanese Language Chat Rooms

If you want to learn Japanese then there are plenty of chat room facilities and Japanese chat sites for that. Japanese is a very hard language to learn so you need all the help you can get. Japanese people are also interested in improving their English language skills. However, unlike the rest of Asia (particularly China and Thailand) there isn't so much interest in learning foreign languages as there's much less of a career boost by knowing Western languages in Japan. Younger Japanese people aren't so interested in learning English as previous generations - language schools are having a tough time in modern day Japan and several have closed.

Japanese Chat Room Precautions

As with everything on the Internet, be careful about revealing too much about yourself! This especially applies to public Japanese chat sites.

On online dating sites there are plenty of scammers, so be careful with your personal details and money. If talk turns to money early in the chat then you'd be wise to chat to someone else. Thankfully the Japanese people have a reputation for extreme honesty, so you should have less problems with Japanese dating sites. Japanese women are also far less likely to be marrying for money alone, which can be a problem with Thai, Chinese or Filipina women.

Westerners are pretty rare in Japan, especially outside of the major international cities like Tokyo. There is intense curiosity about foreigners. If you're looking for a Japanese wife then you want to make sure that your potential partner is actually serious about looking for a Western husband, rather than just trying to find out about Western culture or improving her English skills.

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