Korean Cupid Scams: Your Essential Guide

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Dating site scammers are a real nuisance if you're trying out online Asian dating. Although Korean Cupid is generally a fairly safe dating site, it's always sensible to take precautions on any Asian dating site you're using.

How to spot a Korean Cupid Scammer

Become an expert at Korean culture and you'll find it much easier to spot dating site scammers pretending to be cute Korean ladies

Thankfully scammers are rarer on Korean Cupid and its sister site Japan Cupid. In fact, I am starting to think that the Cupid Media sites have less problems with scammers compared to sites like Cherry Blossoms and DateInAsia. But you still need to be vigilant.

Personally speaking, the Korean Cupid female members I am most wary of are:

  1. Members without photos. There are quite a few of these. I don't know if they're shy ladies or are scammers who don't want to reveal their identities. Look - there are plenty of members who have posted photos, so to be safer rather than sorry it's best to avoid these members. A particular problem on Korean Cupid is that you can't send photos to other members through the internal email system. To do this you have to chat outside Korean Cupid, and if you start doing that, then Cupid Media can no longer monitor your correspondence in order to identify possible fraudulent activity.
  2. Members in my own country. I haven't really talked to a huge number of ladies on Korean Cupid. But on its sister site Chinese Love Links, I've been very suspicious of a few members who are living in my own country and who have sent me emails. Beyond this though, a lot of them are just sending you emails because they think it's neat you're living near to them. They seem to be timewasters rather than scammers.

African dating site scammers are a huge headache for dating site operators. They're usually men living in countries like Ghana or Nigeria. They pretend to be all kinds of people, from young Asian girls to wealthy American men. I've read newspaper reports here in the UK that show some sorry stories of men and women losing their life savings to these scammers, so the risks cannot be underestimated. The golden rule will keep you safe though - never send money to anyone you meet on a dating site.

Of course most Korean women are fairly well off so we're not really in the realms of mail order brides here. So it would be highly unusual for a Korean woman to ask for money. If she does then ditch her immediately!

Perhaps the best way of protecting yourself against scammers on Korean Cupid is to be very knowledgable about Korean culture. Learn some of the language as well. Once you do this then you'll have few problems identifying scammers pretending to be Korean.

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Korean Cupid Time Wasters

In my experiences, the bigger problem with Korean Cupid and Japan Cupid is with time wasters. As a man, I'm not really convinced that many of the female members are really serious about finding a partner through the site. I haven't had a great deal of success in talking to ladies on Korean Cupid or Japan Cupid. Maybe they're shy, maybe I'm not what they're looking for. Or maybe they're setting their standards far too high. This is quite likely, as Korea has no shortage of good husband material, so a girl would have to be very choosy to not find a suitable Korean husband in Korea.

Creepy Men on Korean Cupid

If you're a female member of Korean Cupid then thankfully you don't have to worry quite so much about scammers. But creepy men - that's another story. There are plenty of men who are already married but who are looking for a bit of Asian fun. One particular problem is that some undesirable men treat dating sites as places to find cheap thrills. They don't want to pay for an adult webcam chat site, so they go on dating sites and try to get free sexy webcam sessions from the female members on the site. If this should happen to you, then don't hesitate to report the member to the website operator.

So when using Korean Cupid you always need to be on the lookout for scams. But this site is generally safer than most other Asian dating sites available.

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