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If you're looking for an Asian partner then the Cupid Media run sites are about the best Asian dating sites available. One of their niche Asian dating sites is Singapore Love Links. Here's all you need to know about Singapore Love Links, and why it's a great place to meet an Asian partner online.

First of all, the thing to remember with Singapore Love Links and all the other Cupid Media owned niche dating sites is that:

  • Not all of the site's members are living in Singapore.
  • Not all of the members are Asian.
  • Not all of the members on the site will be looking for a marriage partner.

This makes it quite a bit different from popular Chinese dating sites like Chinese Women Date, where most of the site's members are looking for marriage partners, and pretty much all of the ladies are in China.

The Singapore Love Links members are generally in a number of categories:

  • People looking for marriage partners.
  • People looking for boyfriend and girlfriends and shorter term relationships.
  • People living and working in Singapore (maybe as expats) who just want to find some friends in the area.

The majority of the ladies on the site live in Singapore. There are also a few ladies from other countries including China. The majority of the female members of Singapore Love Links are Asian, and they are usually of Chinese racial origin. The male members tend to be a mixture of Asian men and also Western expat men working for multinational companies that have offices in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the wealthiest places on earth, so as you might expect the members of Singapore Love Links usually have professional careers and tend to earn a lot more than people in other Asian countries like China and Thailand. Many languages are spoken in Singapore, so many of the Singapore Love Links will speak multiple languages, with English and Mandarin Chinese being especially popular.

When you set up your Singapore Love Links profile it's important to specify exactly what you are looking for, whether it's a marriage partner or just a penpal or friend.

Signing up with Singapore Love Links

Singapore Love Links is completely free to sign up to, so you can sign up and have a look at the site's members and see if the site is for you. The nice thing about Singapore Love Links is that they allow you to fill in your online dating profile gradually so you can quickly get started, then return to fill in additional information about yourself at a later stage.

All of the Cupid Media sites have pretty good anti-fraud measures, including the requirement for members to submit photo ID of themselves. Unfortunately scammers tend to target pretty much most of the major dating sites these days, so it's crucial to remain vigilant at all times. Singapore Love Links will be a popular target for scammers due to the wealth of the site's members.

Singapore Love Links has some great search facilities, and they are much better than other Asian dating sites like Cherry Blossoms or DateInAsia. What's also great about Singapore Love Links is that you can quickly compare your profile with a specific person to see if you are a good match. Possible conflicts are identified, such as the other person being a smoker and you not wanting a partner who smokes. This is great because you can assess if something might be a showstopper, or whether you could overlook one or two contentious areas.

Singapore Love Links isn't without problems. Their email validation is quite strict and it doesn't work with some email address providers. It's also annoying that you need to sign up separately to each of Cupid Media's many Asian dating sites.

Dating Timewasters

One problem with sites such as Singapore Love Links and others is that because it's free to sign up to there are a load of timewasters on the site. Be sure to steer clear of anyone who might be "married but looking".

It's also a good idea to only communicate with members of Singapore Love Links who log in frequently and have filled out plenty of details in their dating profile. Serious members usually upload more than one photograph as well.

Sadly you can't get away from the fact that there are many timewasters on dating sites. If you have the money, it's well worth considering an introduction agency - there won't be so many potential partners to choose from, but a reputable introduction agency will weed out many of the unsuitable people.

Western women looking for Asian husbands

Singapore Love Links is a particularly good site to try if you're a Western woman looking for a Chinese husband. It's not that common for Western women to marry Asian men, but Singapore could be a good place to start looking for your man. Obviously it's easier if you are already based in Asia. Alternatively try Hong Kong Cupid.

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Singapore Love Links - in summary

So >Singapore Love Links is another great Asian dating site, particularly if you're living and working in Singapore or Malaysia. It's also a good site to try if you're relocating to Singapore (or already live there) and want to find some company of the opposite sex.

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