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If you're looking for a Thai girlfriend or wife then a good dating site to logon to is ThaiLoveLinks. Here's an overview of ThaiLoveLinks, complete with a mini-review, information about scam ladies and alternatives to ThaiLoveLinks.

ThaiLoveLinks is one of the many Asian dating sites run by the Australia based Cupid Media. Most of their sites have thousands of members so you'll have no shortage of Thai personals to browse through. The sites have affordable subscription fees, and a free trial is available.

My Experiences With Cupid Media's Asian Dating Sites

The Cupid Media Asian dating sites are all easy to use. It's quick to logon and get started on the search for your dream Thai lady. While dating sites like you to get started straight away, it's worth spending time working on your profile. Make sure you fill in all the fields and upload as many photos as you can. This shows you're much more serious about finding a partner, and it makes you stand out a bit more from the other thousands of members.

If you're at all serious about finding a Thai bride, then it's a good idea to take out a subscription to the ThaiLoveLinks site. I can guarantee that you'll get a lot more interest when you do. Unlike many other dating sites, free members can actually contact you if you are a paid member, so once you take out the subscription you'll get plenty of interest shown in your profile. If you can afford it then it's better to take out the annual subscription - this offers a big cash saving compared to paying monthly.

Once you pay for a ThaiLoveLinks subscription you can talk to as many ladies as you like. This works out much cheaper than sites such as Thai Matches, where the site is initially free, but you have to pay every time you contact one of the ladies.

Many of the ThaiLoveLinks female members register on the site themselves. Although the site is available in the Thai language, the site attracts a fair number of Thai ladies who can speak and read English. The downside to ladies registering themselves instead of them using a Thai marriage agency to do it on their behalf is that sometimes their profiles are incomplete, and in a lot of cases the photos they upload aren't of very high quality.

Two issues I've frequently encountered when using their sites are that they are fairly strict about email address validation. Sometimes email addresses don't pass their identity checking procedures. If this happens to you then choose another email address provider. Another annoyance is that often the photos of the members fail to load correctly in the profiles. Too many members also have uploaded very small photos, or worse still, no photos at all.

ThaiLoveLinks Scams

Dating sites are often full of scammers and timewasters.

Scammers will usually ask you for money. Although they should be easy to spot and avoid, love makes us do stupid things with our money. So be very careful when you're using any dating site. For the record, women as well as men are both targets for dating site scammers.

ThaiLoveLinks is one of the more secure dating sites, but it's still essential to be careful on this site. A couple of ThaiLoveLinks specific issues to look out for are:

  • Ladies who chat to you on ThaiLoveLinks then try to get you to chat on another (invariably more expensive) dating site.
  • Thailand's huge entertainment industry means that many Thai ladies are very good at extracting money from men. Many of these types of ladies chat to dozens of different men simultaneously. Use your male intuition to spot these types of ladies. Of course if you're just after fun rather than marriage, then these ladies can be what you're looking for. But they don't usually make good wives?

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Alternatives to ThaiLoveLinks

So what are the alternatives to ThaiLoveLinks? While there are quite a large number of Thai dating sites around, ThaiLoveLinks is probably the best of the bunch. The site is reasonably priced, the search facilities are great, and it has enough members to ensure you find plenty of Thai women to chat to.

A popular alternative to ThaiLoveLinks is Cherry Blossoms. The membership fee is about the same, and there are plenty of members on the site. The difference is that Cherry Blossoms has a lot of female members from other Asian countries, especially China and the Philippines. If you're not entirely convinced you want a Thai bride and want to chat to ladies from other countries as well, then Cherry Blossoms might be a good alternative. In actual fact a fair number of ladies sign up to more than one dating site, so you'll likely to see ThaiLoveLinks on Cherry Blossoms as well. On the downside, the Cherry Blossoms website is more basic than ThaiLoveLinks, and the search facilities aren't as great.

As well as ThaiLoveLinks, Cupid Media run a wide range of Asian dating sites, and there are a number of Asian country specific sites like ChineseLoveLinks and FilipinaHeart. There are also a couple of Asian dating sites covering a wide range of Asian countries - try the Asian Euro Asian dating site and Asian Dating com.

Finally, Asian Kisses and Thai Kisses are both popular, particularly with European men seeking Thai brides.

To be honest, all dating sites are a bit of a timewaster really. If you want to avoid timewasters, scammers and you can't be bothered spending countless hours hunting your for special Thai lady then it's worth considering the introduction agency route. Although these charge fees that are more expensive than the average dating site, they probably work out cheaper in the long run. Two popular Thai introduction agencies are Anglo Thai Introductions and Thai Professional. Both have websites so you can view the ladies registered with the agencies which allows you to do some forward planning before you make that trip to Thailand.

So ThaiLoveLinks is one of the best Thai dating sites available. It has an affordable subscription, and a free trial if you want to test it out. Dating sites can be hard work, so an alternative is to use a Thai introduction agency. While more expensive than ThaiLoveLinks, this can often work out a more convenient way of meeting Thai ladies from Thailand.

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